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Pick your video, customize it to your needs and start your campaign in no time.

It's never been easier and faster (and more fun) to acquire Video-Marketing-Content (for TV and Online) that will wow your customers and fans. In a time where content is more important than ever, Koovala is your first place to visit when you need new moving images. This is no stock footage, the movies you'll find on Koovala are ads or branded content with a story, a concept, and are finished pieces of content from A to Z that you can fully customize to your needs.


Browse our MoviesBrowse and search for your perfect movie. You can search by industry, mood, style and many more, or simply search for a keyword. When you find a piece of content you like, go ahead and create a private page for your team to discuss the movie.


Customize your PickNow it's time to make this movie your own. You can customize whatever you can think of: Logo and Claim of course, your own Voice Over and Text, Color Grading that matches your CI, music, edit and many more. You can even ask for a reshoot to get your product in there. The possibilities are endless.


Put your Content to useAnd that's it already. Download your finished, completely personalized, fully rights-cleared TV- or Online-Ad and put it to use. And don't worry, all content is sold only once. So you have the exclusive rights to your film.

What is Koovala

Buy Video-Marketing-Content Online
Customize your Movie to your Brand
Save Time and Money

Koovala is your easy, fast and fairly priced way to your own amazing TV- or online-commerical or branded content. Get the quality you are used to without the hassle of working weeks or months, communicating with agencies, filmmakers and other stakeholders. Just browse through our library, pick a movie, show it around on a private site, collaborate with your team, customize it and put it to use in no time. You surely know the saying „fast, good, fairly priced - pick two“. Well with Koovala, picking all three has just become a bit more realistic!

Check out How

How does Koovala work

Filmmakers produce High Quality Content
You pick a movie
You discuss and personalize your movie
You buy and download your movie

Professional filmmakers from all over the world produce high quality Vido-Marketing-Content (TV-Commercials, Content for Online Distribution and Social Media, Branded Content). These movies are all very specific to a service or product, so that companies will have a high chance of finding something that suits their brand quickly. The videos are uploaded to Koovala. If you see something you like you can share and discuss it with your team and request customizations to the piece. Customization ranges from simply adding your claim and logo to complete reshoots, pack shots, new music, new narration, compositing - the sky is the limit. When you’re happy, you download the movie and put it to work. Weeks or months just became mere days.

See Why

Why choose Koovala

Curated High Quality Content
Specific to your Brand Product or Service
Collaborate easily with Team and Koovala
Quality, Speed and Affordability

All the content on Koovala has been evaluated by industry professionals, so you know you will be getting high quality standard movies. You can immediately start using them in your communications, put it online or on TV. Thanks to our advanced tagging, you will quickly find suitable movies to your specific brand, product or service. No guessing - what you see is what you get. If you like something, there’s no need to recreate, just buy it. Save a lot of time and money while still getting incredible quality content. Collaborate with your team and choose from movies from filmmakers from all over the world, with locations and talent you never thought you could get or afford. And don’t worry about legal matters - all rights have been cleared for you already. Creating a campaign has never been easier.

NEW: Want to be more specific from the start? Get your brief to Koovala so our network of creatives and filmmakers can go to work for you. The movies produced for your campain will not be visible to anybody else, you have first pick of the movies submitted to Koovala. Get in touch to discuss details.

Reasons to Love

Reasons why you will love Koovala

There's many things you will love working with us, here's just a few.

Time Savings

Have your ad ready in days or weeks instead of months while getting the same quality you are used to.

Money Savings

Not only are our movies fairly priced, you also don't have to block internal resources for months.


You always know exactly what your are getting. What you see is what you get. And what you get is amazing.

Acces to international talent

Great movies from all over the world by the most talented creatives at your fingertip.

Customized to your needs

Make every movie your very own. Specific to your brand, product or service with a wide variety of customization options.


Every commercial is being sold only once. Once you buy it, it is yours alone. No duplicates, no stock.

Koovala is in Private Beta Now. Message us below for a chance to join.